Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Its the Start of the sunny summer and im looking to have flings with chicks without strings so i dont get hooked cus ive always been a runner. Lately ive jst been focused on catching cheques like im repping Nike.  a lil ironic cus my fast tracks thats led me to you. There are a couples of things i figured we can do. I know this beautiful restaurant on the roof top with a spectacular view that says Me and you. Come with me and lets make conversation. Let me witness your smile light up the sky on this beautiful friday night to ignite the start of something nice, You one of a kind and its a matter of time for you to realize we're like mind. Simple yet classy nubian queen confident with your beauty , you're all  thats on my mind. My inspiration for my being on the grind even past my 9-5 that got me thinking im losing my mind. its about that time where i be with you from the pm and to the am. Locked away from the world we create our own under the sheets and cause some mayhem all you gotta do is lay there. Lay down your walls and give me access to your thoughts so something beautiful can be formed from this love or lust. Lets get lost in this bi product of when we get involved and see what we become at the end of it all..

I know you're scared babe and probably insecure...just off the past experience you had with those fuck boys that were sneaky with their words . Im not here to cause any more hurt im just here to give joy and take you to a place you create in your mental space that got you screaming my name in various vocal ways. Begging me to keep biting off your forbidden fruit and a sipping of your pineapple juice. Caution to myself im talking abit too loose.

On that bombshell baby its time to conclude. I need you on my team tell me what i need to do. All i  do is speak true...with time you'll see im really not a complicated dude. Who woulda known a young uncomplicated dude like me would run into you?..Im sure you're a woman with a busy schedule but is an another encounter with you possible. I've laid down my cards in clear view and now its for you to make your move. You bad with your poker face baby cus judging by your smile i know you'll call me soon.....Im just a cocky dudene

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