Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Where do i find the words to explain my being. how can i explain  that im just being a human being also trying to live free and make my dreams a reality and impact the rest of humanity by every means necessary which  includes this free speech i proceed to give.
The struggle out here is real and any youth out here hungry as me would know what i mean cus they and are currently in the same shoes as me. We all trying to fit but the plan is to stand out and be unique, so i plead and appeal with God that me and my team makes it cus in truth not everyone will fit.
Within these streets and my twenty three years of breathing ive lived a life worth reminiscing to my kids. The made enemies as a result of living my reality. my tenacity triggers my audacity and all of a sudden they dont unddeerstand. its beyond their mental capacity
my capasity to tolorate people bulshit is slowing fading and im scared it'll drive into the abyss where i'll lack sleep and peace as a result of my i'll read the alphabets from a to z all to catch the zz
This disease will be the end of me and leave me in pieces

and stand with me as i proceed with the delivery of this speech

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