Thursday, 21 April 2016

PHOTO SPEAK: Nigeria's Love For Exotic Cars

In most parts of the world we are fascinated by cars- more precisely the exotic ones. We have been mesmerized by their beauty,  sublime feel, intuitive technology and their ambition to push the limits of physics and engineering.

What might not be obvious at the moment is the fact t that Nigeria is slowly getting on the map as car enthusiasts (“petrol heads”), More specifically Lagos and Abuja. They have been doing a good job in representing themselves as car lovers, from enhancing its physical attributes (paint jobs, body kit etc) to its performance statistics, or just buying perfectly designed factory specification cars which need no enhancements. 

These are cities filled with sports car, super cars and luxury cars as a result of  business men, hustlers and playboys in each city, who have good taste in cars and want to have fun with their toys. Their love for exotic cars have reduced highly revered Range Rovers and Mercedes’ G-wagon to everyday cars you seen on the streets- almost as common as Toyota .

It is out of this same love we see Ferraris, Porsches, Lamboghinis, Rolls Royce and many more "eye candy" cars roaming their streets, despite the fact that these car dealerships are non-existent in the country- which means they personally import them
Most of these exotic car owners also choose to push their "swag" level a bar higher  by personalizing their license plates, and escorted by armed security (MOPOL) when driving THAT exotic whip,

Traditional everyday exotic cars that can be see across these cities include (but certainly not limited to) G-wagons, Range Rovers, Porsches, Bentleys and a whole lot more which all add to the  overall beauty of these cities and gives other road users and petrol heads something to look forward to while on the busy highways or at certain locations within these cities (especially during the night life).

In a way they also  remind us that these cities are filled with fun, hustle and life. and there is every hope of succeeding and living your dream. Because when there is life there is hope

Below are a few pictures captured on the streets of these cities, courtesy of @Supercarsofnigeria on Instagram.


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