Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Problem With Burna Boy's "On A Spaceship"

I have always said Burna boy is one of those artists whose stardom is less than befitting for the sort of talent and potential he possesses. So when i heard his latest album (on a spaceship), i couldn't help but get excited, but after listening to it i felt some type of way about it. Don't get me wrong, this album on its own is very good. It is well produced, great features, and has good lyrics and of course, a great vibe- but put side by side with his previous album (L.I.F.E) you will immediately spot the shortcoming. Yes On a spaceship DOES carry enough diversity to appeal to the head. What this album lacks however, is a strong enough message or direction that appeals to the soul- Like L.I.F.E did

In L.I.F.E you could tell Burna had a lot to say and he left it all on the album. He spoke about political issues, and his personal struggles. But in On this sophomore album, he talks about the less important stuff like drugs, party and sex. This is not to say these songs are not nice- Like i said, the groove of the album is undeniable- you will not feel the urge to skip a track when you listen to it. But when it becomes most of what you hear on a 20 track album, it becomes dreary, especially when the album comes from an artist who should have a lot to say and prove, considering the very controversial year he had

If there was an award for the most controversial artist, Burna would definitely be nominated. He is one of the most misunderstood and underrated artists who constantly gets backlash from the public. You would think someone in his position would seize every opportunity to address them- This is what i feel is weird about the album. It made me question the intention of the release of the album

It feels like he released this album as a way to convince we the fans that he is alright. He did come out of "that" character in the track "if people must die" which was dedicated to one of his closest pals, Gambo, who he lost early 2015. In that track alone, he expresses himself and brightly displays his lyrical skills fused with the Rastafarian groove. He also showed his abilities on the skit track where is heard freestyling live on stage and the crowd feeling his energy. These two tracks which hold the strong messages Burna Boy is known for through his previous album will make you wonder why more tracks didn't follow this theme

I stand by my word that Burna by is a super talented artist who is able to churn tracks that'll get you into the groove which he proved with this album (there are one or two boring tracks tho). The only problem with it is that he held back on real issues and feelings- a lot.

On the flip side though, this diversion and lack of emotions might have been the who aim of the album. Its title "on the spaceship" could have been thought of as could be a metaphor for an escape from the bullsh*t of reality and just chill. If this is the case then it'll say it definitely set out to do and is high up there.  

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