Saturday, 16 January 2016

Story Of Nori- Part 2

Now we under the skies, and enjoying the ambiance of the street lights
Conversation deepens and I'm thinking if I should make her mine
 its probably just the lust of this big booty chick from the caribbean.
Whatever it is, she cool calm and articulate and I'm feeling her
I compliment her on her smile and her face lights up like it was in competition with the street lights
She begs me to stop cus its making her hella shy
She switches up the convo and asks me the type of girl I like.
Dead to her face i looked her in the eye and say; "i like the type of girl who would roll some, smoke some and expose some".
She can tell im not kidding because my demeanor said more.
Building momentum with my confessions, i tell her shes the one i want
Miss Nori dosnt front.
"i appreciate your being blunt...shows you aint no boy"
opens  up and tells me she was once in love but now understands grief is the price of love
i see the tears concealed in her eyes
she tells me how he always did her wrong
dont worry girl, he just wasnt a fan.. he was all a scam
Now im not saying i want to be your next man
i want to be that guy you wrap your arm around when you feeling down
the one to turn that frown upside down
are you down?
with lust in her eyes she says....... "i live only a few blocks down"

Part 3 coming soon...
Click HERE for Part 1

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