Friday, 18 December 2015

Thoughts From The Balcony

Looking up to the heavens and searching for hope. Im banging on the pearly gates but i keep getting no reply. it seems no one is home.
My desire for hope stems from the atrocities and despicable acts going on in my own home.
The streets gotten cold since my days of wearing my dcl uniform and trying hard to impress the class hoes.
im sure my hommies can relate cus, those were the stress free days..
These days I'm like "what the fuck is this place"
In this place my people suffer, die and are completely disgraced, yet they hold a smile on they face... 
What the fuck is this place.
if only in knew this place then i would call God and give him an address to navigate to this place so I can get up out this place.
This place leaves you displaced like victims of a hurricane and bombings from the Islamic state.
We suffer but we power on like biafran soldiers of the civil war.
 In my opinion it was a game of chess between Ojokwu and Gowon, with soldiers as the pawns.
who the fuck do you think won that war?.
All it shit did was make niggaz dumb like they were the lead actor in fast and furious and Broke like a mirror fell off the wall.
Speaking of off the wall I cease this moment to reverence the king of pop who tried to unite the world with his words.
Unfortunately his message got lost on its way like that malaysian plane that disappeared before the pilot could call tower control to report a mayday.
I want to be like you someday but don't hold me to that cause its hard to stay focused and in line in this place.
Too many temptations lurking around this place.
From Lust of Fame to lust of females whose name I forget by the next day.
I'm really trying to change.
To my fellas lost in the chase, remember its all pink on the inside, regardless of the color on their face...Thats the shit i tell myself everyday in order to refrain from chasing jane, shade, Laide.... or any other curvy babe that came my way
These are wise words from an indecent man who has had his fair share of one night stands but now craves to make a name in this place before its too late.

Its been mad hard to do what i saying but i've got love and support from my fellas and babes especially on those days i question why im still running this race....

shoutout to my tess for always reminding that i gotta endure the pain of this place cus its the sacrifice that must be made if i dont want this place to remain the same.

You're the realest hommie ive made in this place... and though we are struggling, we are set to elivate and take over this place. You and me become king and queen doing our thing. We'll be the more modern day Jay and Bi really hope you believe this dream.

So lord i pray to you to wash my sins. i know i havnt been to church ever since and I know i dont a lot of bible verses. But you know my heart is in the right place and i have dreams that need to become  reality. Im talking about something real not the stuff you see on mtv, bet or even soundcity. All that is an escape from reality but coming back to it you'll see that in this place the people you call friends are actually your enemies.

These are modern day Judases whose sit at your table while you share your thoughts and your hennessy as if its all good and their tendencies were as pure as Frank Lucas' Heroin

So i roll a spliff and get on a higher level so i can see clear and tell apart whats real and whats fake, whose real and whose fake and then figure out the next step to take.

And when all said and done and i make my name in this place. Lord i humbly give you my soul to take and hope you're proud of the name i made

In your name i pray... Amen

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