Friday, 18 December 2015

Thoughts From The Balcony- Story Of Nori (Part 1)

Its a cold Friday night and im looking for that sweet loving so I find myself at a typical Nottingham house party,
Im trying to find the baddest bi*ch like its hide and seek
I finally make my pick and proceed to do my thing
"Whats good girl. Look around, I'm the nicest guy you'll meet"
"My name is Jesse,  I'm new to this city. I'm really just trying to be lowkey"
Got a few more words in and she starts smiling. I could tell she falling slowly.... cus she told me.
Don't worry i'll catch you. I'm also trying to have my own superman and louis lane love story.
Reassured I'm no phony, she says her name is Nori and wants to know more about me
"That's cool, but you gotta make your man an old story".
She says "don't worry....he since stopped calling"
I tell her "Lets go outside, I bet you its real lovely"
We walk across the room and I see bad men getting green with envy
No time to bother about that....they'll find themselves a remedy 
I put her coat on, hold her hand and guide her to the elivator, leaving fate to decide where "this" is heading
Now im locked in a metal box with this sexy broad,
Riding all the way to the ground floor....
Thoughts of lust cloud my train of thoughts right from the 20th floor...should we blame it on the alcohol?
She comes close, looks me in the eye and asks "are you someone i can trust"
I could tell and see this is not the type of girl just looking for fun
It was my cue to run, but i decided to remain involved
Moved closer and said "i should run, but theres something about you so im choosing to remain involved"
In my genuine honesty i spoke those words
Very unlike me and im asking myself ..."Jesse what is wrong?"
Now she looks me in the eyes and sees i've opened up.
She sees there's probably more to this Lagos boy
Before i can make out more words, she leans in and drops a kiss that leave us wanting more
On the ground floor, elivator opens up and our lips are still locked
Oh Nori...what have you done
Im assured we are about to open pandora's box

Part 2 coming soon.

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