Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Lagos State Police Isnt Playing Anymore

Its the most magical time of the year once again- a lot of activities, seeing old friends, making new friends, eating and partying like we were being paid to do so.

I have been going out more now i have more time on my hands and one word to describe what I've observed on the streets is "improvement"- improvement in the police force,more specifically in the RRS (Rapid Response Squad)...You know, the ones who ride with guns on motorcycles? (that sh*t scares me).

Anyways, Lagos state government has re-branded and upgraded the police force. They have made available more and modern squad cars, stronger Armour trucks (image above). They (the RRS) stay at strategic locations to manage traffic and arrest traffic offenders, and are now undergoing rigorous training in hostage and robbery situations. What really got me washed was when i saw photos of a squad in helicopter training.  

I saw them and was impressed and got scared at the same time. Impressed for obvious reasons and scared because I came to the epiphany that these guys mean business. I mean it seems they will have zero tolerance for any traffic offence and will not hesitate to make arrests and seize vehicles. They even have a toll free numbers to report cases andemergencies. 

To be honest, seeing them kinda makes you feel you're in a modern civilization where safety and security on the streets is a priority. There is no day i go out that i don't see a squad car or patrol officer in sight. Its a good feeling seeing things changing for the better. . I also feel a whole lot of road users are in trouble, especially this Christmas because how many of us actually drive with a licence in this city? .

Below are some more pics i took and found on their website. View them  and be scared. as well.lol

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