Thursday, 17 December 2015

Nosa Speaks With Voicebox- He Just Might Be The Next Kanye West

When it comes to the ART of making music, a lot of acts fall short, but one of the few who still  understands and strives to create it day after day is Nosa. He is an outstanding artist, record producer, and multi instrumentalist. Nigerian born and currently residing in the UK, he has been able to secure working in a professional recording studio as a full time in-house producer and working with professional artists. He spends his time in there perfecting his skills and experimenting with new sounds. They have all come together to make him a truly unique breed with a key sense of the artistry.

He took some time off to speak with us over the phone and it was such a great conversation. He gave us an insight into his person, his various inspirations in music, the changes in the Nigerian music industry, his favorite artists and the challenges he has faced thus far to get to where he is.

Was such a pleasure speaking with him. Massive appreciation to him for granting Voicebox's first feature. Listen to it below

*Apologies for the sound quality- it was a recorded phone conversation*

The Workshop Studio, London

All background instrumental performed by Nosa

Follow and listen to more of his songs on: SoundcloudInstagram

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