Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Do This Before Making Your New Year Resolutions

Just got back home from 4 day "turn up" spree with me and my buddies. Lagos is such a fun city during Christmas (minus the crazy traffic) but I digress.

As we are at the peak of celebrations most of us are already creating a list of things to do and not to do- our new year resolutions.

Before doing this, it is important to take some time off the various pleasures and temptations of the festive season and look back on the last 365 days spent, counting your blessings and asking the very necessary questions that will only make you reflect further and re-evaluate your life priorities.

I have warmed up to the philosophy of looking at life as a series of lessons and tests and it was in this spirit I asked myself: "what life lesson did I learn this year?".

This year was definitely a roller coaster for me. I definitely experienced various shades of life- shades I never knew existed. I lost more friends than I made, travelled to parts of the country that I never knew existed, witnessed individuals do the most uncivilized and demoralizing things just  to get their way, seen people stoop to the lowest and lose their dignity. The truth is this 2015 is one I will not forget in a hurry and describing my experiences here will be unfair to you, the reader, who would have to read thousand upon thousands of words (you know I always have you guys in mind).

If I were to describe all these experiences in one fundamental life lesson, it would be that this year thought me to be more appreciative and thankful for the things I have, for the things I don't, and for the things that are to come.

Most times it is very easy to neglect the little things in life and downplay one's achievements forgetting that there is always something to be thankful for and you don't have all the problems in the world. It is only when you sit down, meditate on your life experiences that you can learn such an invaluable lesson.

I implore you to take a moment to yourself and meditate on your year, meditate on your achievements this year (no matter how little you feel it is), think back on experiences, and of course, learn from your life lesson in order to make you a better person and grow. It is only after you have done this that I believe you will be able to plan better and achieve more in 2016.

After doing this, you can then return to the partying, food, and "turn-ups" that this festive season has to offer. I wish you a magical festive season.

That's if from me for now. I'm heading back the world to indulge myself. Stay safe!

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