Monday, 16 November 2015

Why Do Governments Ignore Religious Leaders Who Predict Disasters?

Following the unfortunate terrorist attack in France over the weekend, a lot of controversies and stories have developed with suspects being arrested all over Europe in connection with the attack. I couldn't help but wonder why our religious leaders who make prophesies have of these sort of disaster, are never picked up by the authorities for questioning when they become a reality

I was going through a blog and I came across a post which was a video recorded in 2013 showing the founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, T.B Joshua describing the terrorist attack that happened over the weekend

I know we in Nigeria are VERY spiritual and most will say it is  Divine Revelation. That may be true. But for the fact that such travesty happened in reality and 'devine revelation' cannot be proven, shouldn't the French authorities interrogate him, or at least make him available to assist the government with his "knowledge"?. There must be something he knows that the government doesn't....right?, especially when this prophesy is not the first that has come to pass 

If it was a random man living in a cave in Madagascar who made such bold statements, he would probably have been arrested by why doesn't such seriousness be applied to religious leaders (especially in Nigeria). I believe if the government really wants a thorough investigation, then no man should be exempted from investigation if there is the slightest possibility of intel. 

Im just saying..

Watch the video of T.B Joshua describing the attack below....

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