Sunday, 1 November 2015

What Is Voicebox?--My Answer

I got an email from a curious reader, and she asked "what is Voicebox".. I paused for a little bit to formulate the right word to describe it but i couldn't. So i told her i would reply her question with this post instead.

Most people familiar with me know i ran a blog a few years back but i had to suspend that hustle because of school and the lack of satisfaction i felt from publishing my blog posts. Initially, i assumed it stemmed from the workload from school but even after my one year program ended, i still lacked the sense of satisfaction from my posts and finally realized it was really because i felt i could push myself further and do better. So I suspended Correctyans indefinitely, in order to derive inspiration from my world and channel my energy. So for the most part of 2014 and 2015, i was really just living as a free spirit, tasting forbidden fruits and observing the world - all of which gave birth to This....."Voicebox" 

Just like an infinite song catalogue, Voicebox is an endless compilation of my observations and learning so far from the world, from the perspective of an average Lagosian and Nigerian who has gained a third eye for society. It is an evolution of Correctyans and the first stroke of a much larger painting of my vision. 

This blog is not going to be limited to a particular theme. Its tagline which includes: "hold my hand. raise your voice" means i will also be collaborating with minds like mine who share the same vision as i do.

My mission with Voicebox is to reach out to a larger audience, raise awareness, empower the youth, address societal issues, and trending topics, provoke thought, and encourage innovative thinking. If you are in line with any of these causes, i encourage you to save this web link in your browser and enrich yourself by visiting frequently.

You can hit me up via email:
or Twitter: @voiceboxN

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