Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Ive Got An Idea- I Call It The "Laptop" TV

I was just chilling after a long day at work and watching highlights of my favorite show. While i was feeling relaxed watching it, i was also mad anxious if NEPA would take the light soon (every Nigerian can relate to this). And I wondered, why does the television also have to go off if the light does?....Why can't we have TV's that come with their own inbuilt battery. It will do wonders here in Nigeria, but maybe even more in U.S,  Europe, and other counties where tax on electricity is high. All one would need to do is charge the TV for a few hours or so (like a laptop)

This is the idea that just came to me. How possible do you think this is?. I am sharing this idea here in the hopes that it reaches someone out there and inspires him to be the one to make THAT change in the way we perceive our home electronics and appliances

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