Thursday, 19 November 2015

FEAR + HATE= End Of Humanity

According to the dictionary, Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation with the aim of instilling FEAR in those that are being terrorized. By this definition it is evident that the terrorists of the world today are achieving what they have set out to do. We are now living and being ruled by FEAR.

FEAR is a complex and interesting phenomenon and  the worst possible state of mind we can be in, because with it, there is no telling what we can do. It makes us unpredictable. It causes chaos, societal divide and segregation among ourselves. FEAR is capable of taking away our humanity,

The attack in Paris over the weekend has only added fuel to the fire that I call FEAR, and it made me realize how we are slowly losing our humanity as a result of it

Here are a few key facts to illustrate my point: 

Following the attack, a staggering 36 of the 50 U.S states went on record saying they "will not accept any refugees from Syria" for FEAR of terrorism. Isn't it alarming, if not sad,, that in a span of just 3 days over 70% of a country that has always taken pride as being the land of freedom and opportunities, the country of all nations, is denying innocent and homeless migrants the opportunity to live and have stable lives. They have adopted a prejudice against a group of innocent ones based on their geographical location.- in the name of FEAR,

This FEAR is now being seen in businesses and affecting public relations- Just two days after the attack in Paris, Zara stores across France began the policy of denying Muslim women who wear Hijabs from entering their stores. A company now basing its business and relationship with customers based on how they look. Why?....because of FEAR

Lets look through a magnifying glass and examine the phenomenon called FEAR, as it relates to human relationships, which is supposed to be our greatest strength in these trying times- our unity

So, After a man called Zara out on social media for their insensitive and anti-Semitic policy of banning shoppers from wearing Hijabs into their stores, the snapshots below show just a very few of the hateful and ignorant comments that followed.

I read these comments and couldn't help but feel sad about how badly this circumstance has devolved  our humanity. Our FEAR has gotten so much that it has now turned to HATE towards our fellow man. We have become insensitive, and violent towards each other based on where we are from and our beliefs. FEAR has made us forget that one's faith can only be seen through one's character and not by one's clothing. 

The fate of our humanity is in our hands and we are the ones killing it- not terrorists, not bombs or bullets.  I FEAR that if this trend of hate, segregation and in-compassion and ignorance continues to spread, it will only be a matter of time before we completely lose ourselves. Our greatest strength is  in our unity- our ability to hold each other's  hands regardless of one's background or beliefs. It is when we lose this single ability that terrorists will win over humanity

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