Thursday, 19 November 2015

Black Lives Are Cheap In Africa- By Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti is one of  Africa's most foremost social critics and a man whose opinions i respect. In this article who explained how we have become "desenstised towards African lives. His words are so true. Read it below

“We are desensitized towards African lives. I once watched a documentary about the death of the protesting miners by the South African police. The head of the Labour Union was trying to convince his followers not to square up to the police and said ‘brothers black lives are so cheap in Africa.’ Like a prophesy 20 mins later 34 of them lay dead, killed by the government they elected to protect them but chose to side with the mining companies that reward their corrupt practices.

Even in America they are shouting black lives matter because the truth is it’s cheap over there too and if u don’t believe me forget the United States and tell me when You ever heard of stray bullet hitting a white man in Lagos or Abuja? We have desensitized our selves to our own suffering also and we rather build a billion churches and mosques than come together to build free schools and health centers and recreational centers and libraries!! The only thing our communities donate to build are gates (ineffective still cos boys dey enter steady). This is a copy of the punch the only paper that even bothered to put the ?#?yolaattack on their front page and the article is a mere foot note on the page not even the names of the victims no sign of respect from the government. No official has gone to the scene because yea black lives are so cheap in Africa. No speech from the president and the ministers, no moment of silence in the senate. Same thing will happen before the end of today most likely as they are now a daily event and no one is truly safe on the north but who cares? Black lives are so cheap in Africa. The ‘Oju aye’ unity we proclaim bears it’s fruit as only the families are left to mourn….

Why should we when we allow the official terrorists get away with brutality and abuses on our streets daily. No hashtags , no headlines , no outrage no outcry. No prayers no memorials no sermons no remembrance. Black lives are cheap in Africa. Our president and governors (like Wike yesterday on his golden throne in a stadium) designate thousands of police men to themselves. Private ambulances and bomb squads as the chosen ones of Africa presiding over our mass extermination.”

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