Monday, 2 November 2015

Are You Living Like A Butterfly?

What if i told you that there was a butterfly in the image above? you see it?

I was inspired to meditate further into the poetic analogy between the butterfly and the caterpillar Kendrick Lamar read out in his track "mortal man" (read it HERE). The analogy was so resounding to me, and at a point of epiphany, i realized that a lot of us are living like butterflies

As beautiful as the butterfly is, it spends its days hiding within its environment.

Feeling like a prey, it uses its beauty as form of camouflage against predators, rather than spending its days flying freely and displaying its perfect blend of colors and patterns to inspire the world.
It hides, trying to convince the world that it, and its beauty do not exist 

Like the butterfly, we as people also spend our days hiding our talent, opinions, abilities and ambitions for the fear of critics (the predators). We spend our days hiding in the background and blending in, living in fear and never really reaching our full potential. More focused on surviving rather than inspiring 

And just as the image of the butterfly above, we make others and even ourselves believe we, and our colors. do not exist. 

Are YOU living like a Butterfly?....

Its time to stop hiding. Just as the caterpillar, its time to come out and display YOUR unique colors and patterns. Introduce new ideas and concepts. Show us your beauty and inspire us in this mad city!


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