Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Where do i find the words to explain my being. how can i explain  that im just being a human being also trying to live free and make my dreams a reality and impact the rest of humanity by every means necessary which  includes this free speech i proceed to give.
The struggle out here is real and any youth out here hungry as me would know what i mean cus they and are currently in the same shoes as me. We all trying to fit but the plan is to stand out and be unique, so i plead and appeal with God that me and my team makes it cus in truth not everyone will fit.
Within these streets and my twenty three years of breathing ive lived a life worth reminiscing to my kids. The made enemies as a result of living my reality. my tenacity triggers my audacity and all of a sudden they dont unddeerstand. its beyond their mental capacity
my capasity to tolorate people bulshit is slowing fading and im scared it'll drive into the abyss where i'll lack sleep and peace as a result of my i'll read the alphabets from a to z all to catch the zz
This disease will be the end of me and leave me in pieces

and stand with me as i proceed with the delivery of this speech


Its the Start of the sunny summer and im looking to have flings with chicks without strings so i dont get hooked cus ive always been a runner. Lately ive jst been focused on catching cheques like im repping Nike.  a lil ironic cus my fast tracks thats led me to you. There are a couples of things i figured we can do. I know this beautiful restaurant on the roof top with a spectacular view that says Me and you. Come with me and lets make conversation. Let me witness your smile light up the sky on this beautiful friday night to ignite the start of something nice, You one of a kind and its a matter of time for you to realize we're like mind. Simple yet classy nubian queen confident with your beauty , you're all  thats on my mind. My inspiration for my being on the grind even past my 9-5 that got me thinking im losing my mind. its about that time where i be with you from the pm and to the am. Locked away from the world we create our own under the sheets and cause some mayhem all you gotta do is lay there. Lay down your walls and give me access to your thoughts so something beautiful can be formed from this love or lust. Lets get lost in this bi product of when we get involved and see what we become at the end of it all..

I know you're scared babe and probably insecure...just off the past experience you had with those fuck boys that were sneaky with their words . Im not here to cause any more hurt im just here to give joy and take you to a place you create in your mental space that got you screaming my name in various vocal ways. Begging me to keep biting off your forbidden fruit and a sipping of your pineapple juice. Caution to myself im talking abit too loose.

On that bombshell baby its time to conclude. I need you on my team tell me what i need to do. All i  do is speak true...with time you'll see im really not a complicated dude. Who woulda known a young uncomplicated dude like me would run into you?..Im sure you're a woman with a busy schedule but is an another encounter with you possible. I've laid down my cards in clear view and now its for you to make your move. You bad with your poker face baby cus judging by your smile i know you'll call me soon.....Im just a cocky dudene

Thursday, 21 April 2016

PHOTO SPEAK: Nigeria's Love For Exotic Cars

In most parts of the world we are fascinated by cars- more precisely the exotic ones. We have been mesmerized by their beauty,  sublime feel, intuitive technology and their ambition to push the limits of physics and engineering.

What might not be obvious at the moment is the fact t that Nigeria is slowly getting on the map as car enthusiasts (“petrol heads”), More specifically Lagos and Abuja. They have been doing a good job in representing themselves as car lovers, from enhancing its physical attributes (paint jobs, body kit etc) to its performance statistics, or just buying perfectly designed factory specification cars which need no enhancements. 

These are cities filled with sports car, super cars and luxury cars as a result of  business men, hustlers and playboys in each city, who have good taste in cars and want to have fun with their toys. Their love for exotic cars have reduced highly revered Range Rovers and Mercedes’ G-wagon to everyday cars you seen on the streets- almost as common as Toyota .

It is out of this same love we see Ferraris, Porsches, Lamboghinis, Rolls Royce and many more "eye candy" cars roaming their streets, despite the fact that these car dealerships are non-existent in the country- which means they personally import them
Most of these exotic car owners also choose to push their "swag" level a bar higher  by personalizing their license plates, and escorted by armed security (MOPOL) when driving THAT exotic whip,

Traditional everyday exotic cars that can be see across these cities include (but certainly not limited to) G-wagons, Range Rovers, Porsches, Bentleys and a whole lot more which all add to the  overall beauty of these cities and gives other road users and petrol heads something to look forward to while on the busy highways or at certain locations within these cities (especially during the night life).

In a way they also  remind us that these cities are filled with fun, hustle and life. and there is every hope of succeeding and living your dream. Because when there is life there is hope

Below are a few pictures captured on the streets of these cities, courtesy of @Supercarsofnigeria on Instagram.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

The Encounter- Jane's Pain

When you live long enough you'll realize that things never remain the same and i was reminded when i saw my highschool crush once again, and thoughts of the good old days clouded my brains.

Reminiscing on the days we spent lunch time together as we planned our future days. Those were my first dates
Now im hoping her looks and frame still makes me go insane with thoughts of us fucking in santropey
I need to refrain. Cus this is not a story of how i scored a babe.
She lost her way, started snorting cocaine and its very evident on her face.
I summon the courage to confront jane on her change and she had alot to say.
She said:

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Story Of Nori- Part 2

Now we under the skies, and enjoying the ambiance of the street lights
Conversation deepens and I'm thinking if I should make her mine
 its probably just the lust of this big booty chick from the caribbean.
Whatever it is, she cool calm and articulate and I'm feeling her
I compliment her on her smile and her face lights up like it was in competition with the street lights
She begs me to stop cus its making her hella shy
She switches up the convo and asks me the type of girl I like.
Dead to her face i looked her in the eye and say; "i like the type of girl who would roll some, smoke some and expose some".
She can tell im not kidding because my demeanor said more.
Building momentum with my confessions, i tell her shes the one i want
Miss Nori dosnt front.
"i appreciate your being blunt...shows you aint no boy"
opens  up and tells me she was once in love but now understands grief is the price of love
i see the tears concealed in her eyes
she tells me how he always did her wrong
dont worry girl, he just wasnt a fan.. he was all a scam
Now im not saying i want to be your next man
i want to be that guy you wrap your arm around when you feeling down
the one to turn that frown upside down
are you down?
with lust in her eyes she says....... "i live only a few blocks down"

Part 3 coming soon...
Click HERE for Part 1

Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Problem With Burna Boy's "On A Spaceship"

I have always said Burna boy is one of those artists whose stardom is less than befitting for the sort of talent and potential he possesses. So when i heard his latest album (on a spaceship), i couldn't help but get excited, but after listening to it i felt some type of way about it. Don't get me wrong, this album on its own is very good. It is well produced, great features, and has good lyrics and of course, a great vibe- but put side by side with his previous album (L.I.F.E) you will immediately spot the shortcoming. Yes On a spaceship DOES carry enough diversity to appeal to the head. What this album lacks however, is a strong enough message or direction that appeals to the soul- Like L.I.F.E did

Monday, 4 January 2016

Pick Your Poison

Sometime around the just concluded Christmas holidays, I was at a house party and the experience made me wonder about the use of social drugs- what social drug one would use if they were all laid out on a table. I also wondered if we actually know the various types of social drugs and their various effects (both positive and negative). So here is my attempt to educate the youth and give them a guide as to which "poison" to choose (if  they must).

Firstly for the still very innocent ones, social drugs (or recreational drugs) are drugs taken with the primary intention of altering the state of mind of one's consciousness and triggering an emotional response- This is what is known as a "high".

Recreational drugs have gained global popularity and are used by those with a predisposition of boredom, curiosity, low self-esteem, desire for risk, for meditation, desire to escape from or cope with difficulties, to relax, to increase energy, and to improve focus, concentration, or creativity. For this post, i'll focus on and explain the the recreational drugs popularly used in Nigeria, which are Marijuana, Codeine, Alcohol,  Rohypnol and the slowly popular Cocaine.

DISCLAIMER: This article is in no way intended to encourage the use of drugs

So lets start..